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Young female car insurance

Great value insurance for young female drivers

Finding cheap car insurance for young women which doesn’t cut corners on cover can take time. The team at MyFirstUK is here to get you the best policy for you at the cheapest possible price.

What you need to know before buying young female car insurance

If you’re a young woman looking for car insurance, you may have heard you’re less likely to have a serious accident than a man of your same age. This is true – and it was once the case that insurance companies could offer you cheaper premiums based on the fact. But an EC ruling has now forbidden insurers to ‘discriminate’ according to gender.

We can help you get the right deal, though. By taking time to understand your particular requirements, our team will be able to help identify which insurers and policies may best suit your needs. We’ll do the shopping around for you and even recommend a specific policy.

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Young female car insurance – getting the right policy

There are a number of things to consider when choosing your insurance beyond price:

Comprehensive cover?

Third Party only cover is the most basic insurance allowed under UK law. But a fully comprehensive policy could work out cheaper the moment you need to make a claim.

Limit your mileage

If you’re doing low mileage, make sure your insurer knows. Less miles equals less risk – and a potential reduction in premium.


Consider installing a black box in your car. Female drivers are statistically safer – prove you’re one of the sensible ones and you’ll be rewarded with a lower premium.

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Young female driver? Want to save money on your car insurance?

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Why do young women have fewer accidents?

It’s not actually true that young women crash less. They just have fewer serious crashes – the kind that write off cars. Still, insurers would still like to be able to offer you cheaper insurance, because you’re less likely to make a major claim. However, in 2012, the European Court of Justice’s Gender Directive outlawed the common practice of offering lower cost car insurance to women.

Women are safer drivers because they tend to drive more carefully. For example, they statistically drive with more caution, taking corners more slowly and more time to brake and accelerate. Insurers put their heads together to figure out how they could reward safe, female drivers – and came up with the black box.

Why might black box technology mean cheaper insurance for young female drivers?

If you can prove to your insurer that you drive safely and/or minimally, they will no longer see you as belonging to the highest risk category of drivers. They’ll also be interested in keeping you as a customer – so they’ll reward you with lower premiums.

These premiums are reviewed regularly, and reduced if your driving style is considered to be safe. Some insurance companies make these assessments as early as three months into your policy.

Searching for car insurance for young women?

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Why choose MyFirst for young female car insurance?

We know what it’s like to feel discriminated against because of your age. That’s why we do everything in our power to get you cheaper insurance as a young female driver. What’s more, as specialist brokers, we think of your long-term interests – such as your no-claims bonus, disclaimers and excess – as well the upfront price.

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Young female driver? Want to save money on insurance?

Call today and we’ll find the right policy for you.