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Cheap cover for young drivers

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Cheaper Insurance For Young Drivers

Getting great value insurance for young drivers without cutting cover

We are independent insurance brokers and we specialise in helping young drivers to find the right cover at the very best price.

Cheaper car insurance for young drivers

There’s no day more exciting than the day you get your licence. But then you get hit with a nasty reality . . . car insurance. There’s no getting round it, young drivers tend to pay more. Statistically more likely to make a claim, insurers are understandably wary of discount a young drivers insurance.

Getting cheaper car insurance for young drivers is our mission!

There are a number of things that you can do that may reduce your premium. Demonstrating good driving habits via a black box insurance, undertaking to limit the hours and mileage that you do – and choosing a sensible, low insurance group car – can all help.

Getting the best insurance for young drivers is what we do!

My First can help you compare insurance plans for young people, weighing up the pros and cons of each policy and helping you find one that feels comfortable. Price is important, but it’s not the only factor. We can help you understand how insurance works and decide whether it’s worth paying a little bit extra for enhanced cover – or not.

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What might help me get cheaper car insurance as a young driver?

There are a number of things that you can do to minimise your premium.

Comprehensive cover?

Choosing a more basic third party policy will be cheaper than fully comprehensive – but you do need to consider whether that provides the protection you need. A bump could be costly!

Choose a sensible car!

Boring, we know… But that GTi may need to wait. Choosing a car from a low insurance category will mean lower premiums.

Limit your mileage!

Agreeing to a lower annual mileage will reduce your premium. Insurers recognise that reduced time behind the wheel means less likelihood of an accident.

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Young driver? Want to save money?

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How can I get cheaper insurance for young drivers?

While it’s difficult to get really cheap car insurance for young drivers, it’s possible to reduce your premiums in various ways:

Consider black box insurance for younger drivers

The more likely statistically a driver is to have an accident, the more expensive that person is to insure. But what if you could prove to insurers that you’re a careful and considerate driver? Luckily, modern technology now makes this possible.

Tracking devices (sometimes known as telematics or black box insurance) are gadgets that can be fitted to your car or installed on your mobile phone. They send your insurer details of your driving – not just speed, but timing of braking, accelerating and cornering – habits which can indicate good (or bad) driving.

By committing to black box insurance, you’ll allowing your insurer to see how you drive. If your insurer gets positive feedback on your driving, they may award you cheaper premiums after some time.

Pay voluntary excess on your young driver insurance

Excess is the portion of money you have to pay out of your own pocket if you make a claim on your car insurance. It’s normal for insurers to charge this excess before paying out, whatever the circumstances or whoever it to blame.

A way to reduce your insurance, if you’re confident of your driving, is to opt for a higher excess. For example, imagine you had an accident that cost £1,000 in repairs. Your insurance policy might state that you had to pay the first £300 yourself. By choosing to pay a higher excess – say £500 – you could reduce the price of your premiums.

Young driver? Want to save money?

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