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Car insurance for the boys

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Car Insurance for Young Males

Great value car insurance for young male drivers

It can be tough for the boys to find quality car insurance at competitive prices, but the team at MyFirstUK is here to help. Contact us today!

Getting cheap car insurance for young males can be a struggle – we’re here to help!

Car insurance for young male drivers can be a costly purchase. Statistically, 17 – 25 year olds account for around a third of all accidents on UK roads. That, combined with the fact that 1 in 5 drivers are involved in an accident within the first 12 months of passing their test, mean there’s a real increase in the likelihood of a claim being made. Insurers factor that in when providing quotes.

At MyFirstUK we’re dedicated to helping you find the best car insurance quotes for young male drivers. Read on to find out how we can help secure the cover you need at a reasonable price.

Cheap car insurance for young male drivers

Motoring costs for young drivers stack up. And while insurers are no longer allowed by law to discriminate on gender alone, they will look at the specific set of individual risks that you may pose. Every insurer approaches a quote slightly differently, so it’s important to make sure your precise needs are addressed by a policy before buying it.

MyFirstUK is a specialist broker for young drivers. We will take time to ask you some specific questions about you, the vehicle, when and how you use it so that we can present your needs in the best possible light to the insurers. With access to a range of policies from a host of leading UK suppliers, we will effectively do the shopping around for you. We recognise that policy wordings and cover details can be baffling (and possibly a little dull, too). But its important that you get the right cover, which is why our team will do the reviewing for you – and even recommend a particular policy that we feel best matches your needs.

Cheap car insurance quotes for young male drivers

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Tips: How to get cheap car insurance for young males

There are a number of points to think about when insuring your car which may help you save some money.

Choose a fuel efficient car

Some insurers offer a discount if you drive a ‘green’ car. And you’ll save money on fuel and road tax, too!

Don’t do modifications!

Modified cars are usually more expensive to insure. Keep yours standard and you’ll help to keep the insurance costs down!

Advanced driver training

Advanced training courses such as Pass Plus cost around £150. But you’ll be rewarded with lower premiums by the insurers and in the long term, it could save you money.

Add an experienced driver

If you have a friend or family member who is an experienced driver, adding them to your policy may help reduce your premium. Make sure that you’re not ‘fronting’ though.

Shop around

Use a broker like MyFirst to research the market. there’s a huge range of options out there and it pays to look around before buying.

Pay your premium in full

Paying monthly might make it easier to swallow payments, but the reality is that you pay a lot more. Paying up front means a lower bill.

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Saving money on car insurance for young males made easy!

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Why choose MyFirstUK to buy insurance for young male drivers?

If you’re a first time or new driver, you’ve got lots to think about. Passing your test, choosing the right car, finding the right insurance cover. We’re here to make that last task that little bit easier.

Getting the right young male driver insurance can be time consuming and confusing. There are many insurers out there with literally hundreds of policy offerings. Wordings and terms and conditions can be complicated, and its easy to end up without the right cover – or to pay for cover you don’t need.

At MyFirstUK, we work with a number of leading insurers with specialist policies aimed at young drivers. We take time to understand your needs, and then present your information to our insurance partners so we have a range of quotes to offer you. We’re happy to advise which policy we feel offers you the best cover.

In a nutshell, we take all of the legwork and confusion out of the process. In doing so, its our aim to help save you time money on the right cover.

Great value car insurance quotes for young male drivers

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How else can I get cheaper car insurance as a young male?

Even with a particular policy, there may be ways that you can reduce your premium. You might want to consider agreeing to a higher excess (the amount that you have to pay upfront in the event of a claim). Moving the excess from, say, £250 to £500 will reduce the premium you’ll be paying.

Keep the car safe. Whilst most people think that insurance for young males is expensive because of their increased likelihood of having an accident, actually there’s also statistics that show young people are more likely to be victims of crime in the form of theft or damage.

Consider where you park (can you use a garage or off road parking regularly? Do you really need to take your car to university?) and look at upgrading your basic security. Some insurers will offer a discount if you can demonstrate that the vehicle has additional security – whether that’s an immobiliser alarm, etched glass, visible VIN or ignition immobiliser.

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Car insurance for young male drivers

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