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Student Car Insurance

Great value insurance for student drivers

As a student you might be having the time of your life, but the last thing you can be relaxed about is money. That goes for car insurance as much as anything else. Students tend to be expensive to insure. But don’t worry – there are ways to save on your premiums.

Why is student driver insurance so expensive?

A combination of factors contribute to student driver insurance being expensive. Firstly, students are generally young and inexperienced drivers. This means they’re statistically much more likely to have an accident and make a claim – which is costly for insurance companies. Naturally, this drives up the price of the premiums as the insurers recognise that they’re far more likely to need to make a payout.

Secondly, students often live in neighbourhoods where the crime rate is high – and are seen by many criminals as easy targets when it comes to car theft and vandalism. Sadly, student drivers bear the brunt of this cost.

At MyFirstUK, we specialise in finding the right student driver insurance that offers adequate protection while recognising the need to stick to a student budget!

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How to get the best deal on student car insurance

There are a range of unique features that can be included in a student driver policy that are designed to reduce potential costs – while still protecting you from the risks and keeping you road legal!

Tailored cover

Taking your car to uni? Or planning to leave it at home? We can tailor a policy that reflects your circumstances – and that could save you money if the car is genuinely being left at home!

Do less mileage

You may wish to restrict the amount of driving you do – it will be reflecting in the premium you have to pay.

Ask about student discount

There are offers available from time to time aimed specifically at student drivers. Why not ask whats around?

No Claims Bonus

Getting your own cover while at Uni or college means you’re building your no claims history – something that will mean a discount at renewal.

Shop around

MyFirstUK can do this for you. We’ll compare a range of policies from a number of leading insurers – and even make recommendations for you!

Payment options

If you can afford to do it, paying up front will save you money compared to a monthly direct debit.

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Student driver? Want to save money?

Call today and we’ll find the right policy for you.

How much does student car insurance cost?

This depends on many factors, from the postcode and size and model of your car to the driver’s age. The best thing is to speak to a broker about your individual situation. He or she can give you a range of student car insurance quotes at a range of prices.

Why buy my student car insurance through a broker?

The advantage of going through a broker, over buying your policy directly over the internet for example, is their knowledge of a very dynamic market. Every week, insurers launch new policies with features which may or not be suitable for your individual needs.

Brokers know how to read the fine print of policies – and can help you through the claims process in the unfortunate event that you have to seek compensation. They can also advise you on such aspects as:

  • No claims bonuses
  • Shared insurance policies
  • Short-term cover
  • Fully comprehensive vs. third party, fire and theft insurance

Student driver? Want to save money?

Call today and we’ll find the right policy for you.

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