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Student car insurance designed just for students

Leaving your car at home

If you’re going to be away from home studying, you need to manage your finances carefully. If you think you can manage without a car, leaving it at home could be a great way to save money.

Student discount

As a student, you’re used to getting discounts on everything from books to cinema tickets. But sadly, even A-grade students fall into the highest risk bracket for road accidents – which means their car insurance is anything but cheap. MyFirst UK is here to help.

Usually as a student you don’t really drive during term time, so most parents are reluctant to add you to their annual cover due to high premiums. However, when you do come home and are looking to get around, we can definitely help! Our student cover is designed for pupils looking for short term cover on a parent’s or friend’s car during their time off from university. The important thing as well is that it wont risk your parents No Claims Discount. We have options to purchase 7, 14, 21 or 28 days’ cover. As with most short-term policies, once the cover has ended you can just take out another policy.

How do I get the best student driver insurance?

Tailored cover

Taking your car to uni? Or planning to leave it at home? We can tailor a policy that reflects your circumstances – and that could save you money if the car is genuinely being left at home!

Do less mileage

You may wish to restrict the amount of driving you do – it will be reflecting in the premium you have to pay.

Ask about student discount

There are offers available from time to time aimed specifically at student drivers. Why not ask whats around?

No Claims Bonus

Getting your own cover while at Uni or college means you’re building your no claims history – something that will mean a discount at renewal.

Shop around

MyFirstUK can do this for you. We’ll compare a range of policies from a number of leading insurers – and even make recommendations for you!

Payment options

If you can afford to do it, paying up front will save you money compared to a monthly direct debit.

Student driver?
Need to save valuable cash?

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