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Student discount car insurance

Cheaper insurance for students

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Student Discount Car Insurance

Even better value insurance for student drivers

As a student, you’re used to getting discounts on everything from books to cinema tickets. But sadly, even A-grade students fall into the highest risk bracket for road accidents – which means their car insurance comes as anything but cheap. MyFirstUK is here to help.

Why is student car insurance so expensive?

Insurance companies favour drivers who they consider to be low risk. Low-risk drivers probably look something like your parents – people who’ve been on the road for many years and may well have never made a claim. Drivers between the ages of 17 and 24, on the other hand, are statistically very likely to have a serious accident in the first two years after passing their test. Most students fall into this age group – and their insurance premiums can be sky-high.

But there are many ways that, as a student, you can reduce the costs. MyFirstUK is a specialist insurance broker focussed on providing cost effective cover that meets your requirements. Compare policies, get quotes and let us explain the small print so you get the perfect policy, fast.

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What does student driver insurance include?

There are a range of unique features that can be included in a student driver policy that are designed to reduce potential costs – while still protecting you from the risks and keeping you road legal!

Tailored cover

Taking your car to uni? Or planning to leave it at home? We can tailor a policy that reflects your circumstances – and that could save you money if the car is genuinely being left at home!

Flexible period of cover

You can decide on a shorter policy period, perhaps reflecting term time.

Possible student discount!

Some insurers do offer a discounted rate – its always worth asking. MyFirstUK can help you find the policy that offers best value.

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Student driver? Want to save money?

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How can I get a good student car insurance deal?

Don’t despair – there are several ways you can get cheaper student car insurance. The best thing is always to buy your car insurance through a professional broker like MyFirst, who can help you compare different policies to get you a better deal.

Here are some of the ways you can reduce your premiums as a student:

Leave your car at home. This might seem like a shocking idea – but as a student, your postcode, plus the fact you’re parking on road in probably not the safest of inner-city areas, can massively increase your insurance. If you mostly use your car in the holidays, consider leaving it at home, where it’s statistically less likely to be stolen, damaged or vandalised.

Consider using telematics technology. This consists of a so-called ‘black box’ that gets fitted to your car and records information about your driving that your insurer can use to decide whether you’re a safe driver. If you consistently stick to speed limits, drive smoothly, and slow down for narrow roads and in bad weather, your insurer will reward you with cheaper premiums.

Stick to a curfew or mileage limit. Another way an insurance company will look upon you more favourably – which equates to cheaper insurance – is if you avoid driving at the most dangerous times. Fatal crashes are four times higher at night than during the day. So taking out a policy with a curfew (i.e. 11pm – 6am) may well bring down your premiums. The same goes for mileage: the less time you’re on the road, the more likely you are not to have an an accident and make a claim. Consider using a bike or walking for shorter distances.

Opt for a higher excess. The excess is the sum you pay yourself before your insurance will honour a claim, typically between £50 and £500. If you can afford it, raising your excess could result in lower premiums. It might encourage you to drive more safety too!

Pick your car carefully. Student car insurance can vary massively depending on which car you choose. Within the supermini group for example, a Skoda Citigo hatchback is a full 11 insurance categories lower than the cheapest Mini. Two cars that look the same, or might even have the same size engine, won’t necessarily cost the same to insure.

Why not check out our page Good first cars for ideas on cars that are likely to work well with student car insurance deals?

Student driver? Want to save money?

Call today and we’ll find the right policy for you.

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