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New driver insurance for 17 to 21 year olds

Black box insurance

Black box insurance might sound like something for a sci-fi film. But it’s actually a brilliant way of helping young people to drive safely and get them the cheapest deals possible, quoting them on their driving style, not their peers.

New driver insurance

Congratulations! After weeks, even months, you’re a qualified driver. The open road beckons – but there’s just one thing: your learner driver insurance will need replacing with a first-time driver insurance policy. Not a problem, we’re here to help.

Under 21 car insurance

There’s no day more exciting than the day you get your full UK driving licence. But then you get hit with a nasty reality… car insurance. Don’t worry. Everyone at MyFirstUK is here to help you!

Our new driver insurance offers a more affordable way of to get cover on your car before and after you pass your test. Not only will you start building up your no claims straight away, the price won’t go up on passing your test. We have zero night-time restrictions or curfews and we’ll never impose fines midterm for breaking, cornering or accelerating. Each policyholder has their own account manager with us which will keep you updated on the progress of your policy. We will also give you our best price at the start of the policy so there are no performance related schemes or incentives.

How do I get the best new driver insurance?

Consider paying annually

On a budget? Fear not as we offer a fantastic finance scheme for new drivers!

Increase your excess

If you choose a higher excess figure (the amount you have to pay upfront in the event of a claim) your overall premium will likely be reduced.

Get an extra qualification

Some insurers will reward new drivers who get additional driver training qualifications, such as PassPlus, with a smaller premium to pay.

Add an experienced
second driver

Adding an older, more experienced driver can reassure the insurer that the car won’t be being exclusively used by the new driver. Be careful, though, that you aren’t found to be ‘fronting’.

Agree to telematics

Some insurers can fit a ‘black box’ device, which gives a profile of your driving style and mileage. Keep within certain parameters and your premium could fall.

Ensure the car is secure

Fitting additional security measures and advanced alarm systems can be a way of ensuring cheaper new driver quotes from the insurers.

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