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First time driver insurance

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First Time Driver Insurance

Recently passed your test? Get great deals on first time driver insurance

Looking for the best new driver insurance policy just got a lot easier with MyFirstUK.

Who is first time driver insurance for?

Congratulations! After weeks, months or possibly even years, you’re a qualified driver. The open road beckons – but there’s just one thing: your learner driver insurance will need replacing with a first time driver insurance policy.

Why is first time driver insurance so expensive?

Having passed your test and proving to the world that you’re ready to drive on your own, you might be hoping for a reduction in your insurance bill. Unfortunately, insurers will now view you as a greater risk. While a learner, you had an experienced older driver with you and statistically, now you can ‘fly solo’ you’re more likely to have an accident. So, to avoid insurance premiums becoming unmanageable, you need an expert on your side.

Why buy first time driver insurance from MyFirstUK?

Finding the right insurance for young drivers is all we do. Working with a range of leading UK insurers, we can find the right policy for you, saving you time as well as money. What’s more, our team of insurance advisors will actively recommend which policy on the market might suit your needs best.

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What types of insurance are available to new drivers?

New drivers can choose from three basic types of cover:

Fully Comprehensive cover

The best protection available, and recommended, particularly if you’ve just bought your own car.

Third Party, Fire and Theft

Pays out costs for damages or injury that you cause to third parties, as well as for theft or fire damage to your own vehicle.

Third Party Only

The minimum insurance you can take out in the UK. Typically cheaper, but beware that many potential hazards are not included, so any incident could prove costly.

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Looking for new driver insurance?

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How to decide which first time driver insurance is right for you

When it comes to choosing the right insurance policy as a newly qualified driver, there are a number of things to consider.

Manage the cost for your first time driver insurance

Typically, you will have a choice between paying in monthly instalments or upfront, for the whole year. While it might be a bit of a lump to swallow, paying upfront usually means significant savings in the long term as you will pay interest in the instalments, as you would in a standard credit agreement.

Be accurate on your mileage

Typically, insurers will recognise that drivers who drive less and less likely to make a claim. However, you could be penalised – or find yourself under insured – if your actual mileage is higher than what you stated.

Consider adding other, more experienced drivers to your policy

If they have a genuine reason and need to use your car occasionally, adding a more experienced driver may actually have a positive impact in reducing the overall premium on your first time driver insurance policy.

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