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Learner driver insurance for provisional license holders

Why MyFirst?

Short term

It might take anything from a couple of weeks to many months to pass your test. Taking out short-term learner driver insurance can be a cost-effective way of getting cover while you practise.

Own car

If you’re still on a provisional license but lucky enough to have your own car, you may find getting the insurance trickier than you’d hoped. We’re here to help with choice and advice.

Parents car

If you’re learning to drive, chances are you’re borrowing a parent’s car for extra practise. Not only is this cost-effective, it’s a great way to learn faster. Find out how to get insured with MyFirstUK.

Car insurance for 17 year olds

If you’re learning to drive, or just passed, you may find that getting the cheapest deal is hard work. And the cheapest deal doesn’t always mean the right deal. We’re here to help with choice and advice.

How do I get the best learner driver insurance?

Comprehensive cover

Ensures you are protected, whether for your own car or if practicing in a parent’s or friend’s.

Flexible period of cover

Arrange cover for 28 days or 12 months – its up to you! And when you pass, get new driver cover.

10% student discount

Some policies offer student discount, or a discount on new driver cover once you have passed your test.

No Claims Bonus protection

If you are learning in your parent’s or friend’s car, you won’t affect their no-claims in the event of an accident.

Instant cover

Call us today and we’ll search out the best policy for you. We can have you protected same day.

Competitive prices

We only ‘do’ insurance for new drivers. We have great relationships with leading providers and can get attractive prices for you.

Learner driver?
Need help choosing the best policy?

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