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Learner insurance for own car

Insurance for learners with their own car

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Learner Insurance For Own Car

Get great value insurance for learner drivers from MyFirstUK

If you’re still on a provisional license but lucky enough to have your own car, you may find that getting the insurance you need more tricky than you’d hoped. We’re here to help with choice and advice. 

Why buy insurance for learner drivers own car from MyFirstUK?

We are a specialist insurance broker catering for new, young and inexperienced drivers who want to get the best deal on their car insurance. We know that motoring costs can stack up – and that keeping on top of admin as a young driver can be a headache. We’re here to help. We’ll take your details and circumstances and search the insurance market for you. We work with a number of leading insurers who offer a range of different policies. They all vary slightly, and its our job to read the boring small print and match the right one up for you.

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What does a learner driver with own car insurance policy include?

Every policy is slightly different – which is why its always good to speak with a specialist learner driver insurance broker, like MyFirstUK. We can guide you through key features and explain why a particular policy might suit best. However, there are a number of key features to look for:

Comprehensive cover

Typically, for your own car its best to take out a fully comprehensive insurance policy. it will offer you the highest protection should the worst happen.

Flexible period of cover

You simply don’t know how long it will take to pass your test. Cover starts at 28 days and can be extended to an annual policy if required.

Lead to a discount

Once you pass, you’ll need to switch over to a new, qualified driver cover. Some insurers may offer a discount if you stay with them as you switch your policy.

No Claims Bonus protection

Having your own policy means that you can start building up your no claims bonus from day 1. In turn, that will contribute to reducing premiums in the future.

Instant cover

Getting cover can be expensive. And time consuming. Let us take the strain, comparing quotes and working out which cover suits you best.

Competitive prices

As a specialist insurer for new, young and learner drivers, we work with the leading insurers and can negotiate fantastic terms for you.

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Looking for car insurance for learner drivers with their own car?

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Why choose a specialist policy for car insurance for learner drivers with their own car?

You probably need the practice!

In the UK, it’s reckoned that an average person will need around 40 hours of driving before they will pass their test. With driving lessons costing around £25 per hour, that could be over £1000. It makes sense to practice with a qualified driver with over 3 years experience. Whether its a parent or a friend, having private practice time will almost certainly save you money.

If you have your own car, you must insure it.

By law in the UK, your must have car insurance to be on the road. The absolute minimum cover you can take out is third party insurance, but if you can afford it, you will be far better protected under a fully comprehensive policy.

Can’t I be added to my parents policy?

It’s possible to be added as a named driver to a relative’s insurance policy, but not necessarily a good idea. Why? Because it may well send their premiums sky high, as well as jeopardise their no-claims bonus. Learner driver insurance tends to work out more economically. So, if you can afford to get your own car, its best to get car insurance for learner drivers with their own car.

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Should I go for third party insurance to save money?

Third party insurance is the legal minimum requirement in the UK. It only covers you for any damage that you do to other people and their property. If you’ve saved and invested in your own car, it makes sense to protect it as best you can – particularly given that a fully comprehensive policy might not be a massive amount more.

Need help choosing the right cover?

There are literally hundreds of car insurance policies out there. As a learner driver, with your own car to protect, getting the right one is really important. You need to be sure that you’re adequately protected and that there’s nothing lurking in the small print that might be important.

We are dedicated to making your life easier, reviewing the wordings for you. Further, by looking at your particular requirements, we may be able to help you save some money by avoiding paying for cover you simply don’t need. To find out more, give us a call today!

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