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How To Find Cheap Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

Young drivers and first-time drivers are known for getting a bad deal when it comes to car insurance. Learning to drive is incredibly expensive, and the costs associated with learning to drive have risen 18% since 2010. For drivers under the age of 25, they pay an average of £1,635 a year for car insurance alone. Whereas drivers over 25 spend an average of £712 per year, while drivers over 50 paying an average of £413 per year.

So, if you’re a first-time driver and looking to cut costs on your insurance, here are the top tips on how to find cheap car insurance as a first time driver.

Top Tips For Cheap Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

  1. Add responsible drivers to your policy

In most cases, adding a second driver to your insurance policy can push your premium prices up. However, in the case of young drivers, adding a second responsible driver to your policy such as older siblings or parents can reduce your premiums.

This is because first time drivers are seen as high risk. Adding a second or third driver who is older and has plenty of experience on the road can dramatically reduce the cost of your policy. It is important only to add drivers who are realistically going to drive your car. In some cases, you can even say how much they will drive your car. For example, you can put your Dad down as an ‘occasional driver’.

Adding drivers to your policy doesn’t always make it cheaper, and in some cases, it can actually increase your premiums. The best thing to do is try a few different quotes with different drivers and see which ones lower your premiums and which increase your premiums. Start checking for quotes today with MyFirstUK here.

  • Consider your cover options

For car insurance, there are three main cover options which are;

  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Fully comprehensive.

Typically, third party only is seen as the cheapest as it has the lowest level of cover. However, insurers know that many people who chose third-party insurance are actually a higher risk on the roads. In some cases, fully comprehensive insurance can actually be cheaper as you are deemed a safer, more sensible driver.

Again, it is best to compare different quotes to see which is cheapest. However, for extra peace of mind, fully comprehensive can ensure you have the cover in place for a whole range of circumstance, giving you the protection you need if an accident is your fault.

  • Steer clear of modifications

Modifications may look cool on your new wheels, but they will often cost you significantly with your insurance premiums. Modifications are essentially anything that you’ve added to your car that isn’t part of its factory specification. If you add alloy wheels, extra bass for your music system or an additional exhaust, then you will need to state this on your insurance (otherwise it may invalidate your policy).

Usually, insurers will increase your premiums if you have modifications as they can increase the value of your car and therefore the cost of repair or replacement if they are stolen or damaged.

  • Choose a cheap car to insure

Certain vehicle makes, and models are considered cheaper to insure. There are 50 different car insurance groups, and it is well worth reviewing these groups when choosing your car. The cheapest cars to insure for young drivers are in the groups one to five.

Remember, faster cars are usually seen as a higher risk, especially if it is your first car.

  • Black box insurance

To help reduce the premiums for young drivers and newly qualified drivers, many insurers now offer black box insurance. The black box insurance, also known as telematics, monitors the driving style of the driver. This data can then determine how safe the driver is and subsequently lower the insurance.

Black box insurance helps by not only providing necessary data to prove your driving skills but can add peace of mind. Already half a million drivers in the UK have black box insurance and having telematics insurance reduces the crash risk by 40%.

At MyFirstUK, we specialise in finding the cheapest insurance for first time drivers and one of our specialities is black box insurance. If you want to save considerably on your car insurance, then telematics insurance may be the answer.

  • Dash cam insurance

If you don’t like the idea of having your driving habits monitored, then a dash cam insurance policy may be a better alternative. A dash cam can offer up to a 30% discount on car insurance as it monitors the action on the road and not your driving style. A dash cam provides the proof in the event of an accident or incident which can help to speed up the dispute process in the event of a claim.

What’s more, people often feel safer when having a dash cam in action. In fact, 40% of people claim they prefer driving with a dash cam on board as it provides peace of mind and evidence for a dispute or when your car is damaged, and it isn’t your fault.

At MyFirstUK, we offer dash cam insurance by teaming up with Next Base Dash Cams. With our dash cam policies, policyholders can receive a free Next Base Dash Cam as part of their policy. Furthermore, there is a free click and collect service at Halfords where Halfords will also install the dash cam free of charge too. If you want to reduce your premiums as a first-time driver, then get in touch with MyFirstUK who specialises in car insurance for young drivers. If you’d like to find out more about our dash cam policies and black box insurance, then get in touch with MyFirstUK by calling or speaking to us through live chat.

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