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Frequently asked questions

What is telematics? 2017-06-12T12:14:08+00:00

Also known as black box insurance, telematics utilises a discreet black box which lets us know how you’re driving by sending information to us via a GPS signal. The box measures distance, location, acceleration, braking, cornering and average speed and helps us to tailor your renewal premium to your driving style.

What is a No Claim Bonus? 2017-06-12T12:11:00+00:00

It’s when you get a reduction in your premium as a reward for having a claim-free record.

Is there a time curfew? 2017-06-12T12:11:11+00:00

No. Unlike some telematics offerings which offer black box insurance, you are covered to drive any time you like.

Am I insured before the box is installed? 2017-06-12T12:11:24+00:00

Yes. From the policy starting.

Can I add more than one additional driver? 2017-06-12T12:11:35+00:00

Yes you can. You’re allowed a maximum of two named drivers. All named drivers must be aged 25 or over.

Will I be building up a no claims bonus with this policy? 2017-06-12T12:11:48+00:00

Yes. You can start building this up as soon as your policy starts. After 12 months of cover you will then have gained one year’s No Claims Bonus (providing you don’t have any accidents or claims).

How do I receive my policy documents? 2017-06-12T12:13:20+00:00

You will receive all your policy documents via email.

When can I view my journeys? 2017-06-12T12:19:33+00:00

You can view your journeys as soon as your box is fitted to the online dashboard we give you log in details to.

What is IPT? 2017-06-12T12:19:44+00:00

IPT stands for Insurance Premium Tax. This is a tax that must be added to General Insurance premiums in the UK. All insurance quotes we give are inclusive of IPT at the current rate set by the Government.

The current rate of IPT is 10%.

Can I get learner insurance? 2017-06-12T12:19:56+00:00

Definitely, we do an annual combined policy for policyholders to learn in their cars and to carrying on driving once they have their Full UK licence. Wonderful thing is that the price stays the same!

When should I report a car claim? 2017-06-12T12:20:08+00:00

It is important to report all incidents as soon as you can.

Do I need to pay an excess for my claim? 2017-06-12T12:20:20+00:00

When you make a claim under the loss or damage section of your policy, the relevant excess will apply.

How do I change my payment method? 2017-06-12T12:20:31+00:00

Please get in touch if you would like to change or set up a Direct Debit on your car insurance policy.

How can I change my car’s registration number? 2017-06-12T12:20:45+00:00

Please give us a call and we can change your policies vehicle registration.

Why do quotes from different insurers vary so much? 2017-06-12T12:20:56+00:00

Insurers look at loads of things to work out your insurance price, including your age, job, where you live and your car. They also look at the cost of repair, how much other people with your details crash and how much compensation for injuries and damage cost.

Why does my insurance cost more than my car? 2017-06-12T12:29:08+00:00

The cost of repairing or replacing your car is only one of the factors that goes into calculating your insurance price. Repairs to other cars or property you damage are also taken into consideration but that’s not what makes crashes so costly.

The true cost of a crash is when people are hurt. Care for someone who’s seriously injured can cost millions – that’s what we have insurance for. It protects us and anyone we hurt against the massive long-term cost.