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Driving tips for the Christmas period

It’s that time of year again where so many of us are counting down the days until we finish work, school or university. With the huge rush of shopping, commuters and increasing frosty weather conditions, young drivers should take extra care on the roads. MyFirstUK have put together some advice and a few tips for tips for December:

Waking up in the morning

Wake up early and de-frost your car!

We are all guilty of shutting off our morning alarm just to squeeze those extra 10 minutes in bed, especially during the winter months. However, when you get into your car and realise it’s completely frosted over, it’s going to make you either late which can lead to even bigger problems. Leaving in a hurry without de-frosting your windows is incredibly dangerous. Whilst there is no road law that says it is illegal to drive with snow on your car, the Highway Code stipulates that if driving in adverse weather conditions you must, by law, be able to see out of every glass panel in your vehicle (via RAC). Our Advice? Set your alarm just 10-15 minutes earlier in the morning and make sure your car is fully de-frosted BEFORE setting off.

Avoid the busiest days and times (where possible).

The week before Christmas will be the busiest on UK roads with many companies closing for the Christmas period and shoppers rushing to get their last minute presents in time. If you are intending to get those last minute deals, avoid the normal peak hours (4pm – 7pm) as this is when the roads will be at their busiest. Alternatively, consider a slightly different route that would cancel out motorways during these hours. Our Advice? Don’t rush! Take your time driving home or heading out shopping and avoid peak commuter hours. Download apps such as ‘Waze’ or Google Maps to get live traffic updates and routes that will help you plan your journey times.

scraping ice

Clean your car when you get chance!

Clean my car!? In this weather!? Yes…unfortunately as the frost hits our roads, so do the gritters which can build up in and around your vehicle, causing long term problems. We’re not suggesting a polish, but giving your car a general clean and removing that winter debris will do wonders! Our Advice? Wrap up warm when doing it!

Make sure your car is healthy

Imagine breaking down in the blistering cold just before Christmas…no thanks! Simple and quick checks should be carried out before you head out on long or daily journey’s. Your tyre tread should be at least above 3mm for this time of year to ensure maximum grip and safety on the roads. Volkswagen have put together a fantastic video on how to check this yourself:

Your oil and coolant levels should be also be topped up to ensure your car is healthy for the road!

Our overall advice? It takes very little time to put these tips into effect, and doing so could save you time, money and even your life, all of which we need around Christmas!

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