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Up to 30% discount with a Dash Cam policy!*

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Aged 21-30? You could benefit from our exciting, brand new Dash Cam policy!

It’s the first ever in the UK designed specifically for the young driver market! We offer up to 30% DISCOUNT on your car insurance when you have a Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam installed into your vehicle.

The cam bundle, worth £175, is fully inclusive in your insurance premium, which means there’s nothing extra to pay!

It’s the first time there has been a discounted alternative to the black box!

We believe young drivers will love the fact that the Dash Cam is there to help you in the event of a claim, and not to monitor you and your behaviour on a constant basis.

We feel it’s a no-brainer, so if you’re looking to save money on young driver car insurance, get a MyCam policy today by contacting one of our team. It couldn’t be easier!

*The saving made is dependant on a person’s individual circumstances. The Dash Cam policy can be up to 30% cheaper than standard non Dash Cam policies provided by other insurance providers.

What is a Dash Cam and what are the benefits of a MyCam policy?

You’ll receive up to 30% discount on your car insurance!

Unlike a black box device, your driving isn’t curfewed or monitored by us.

The award winning Nextbase Dash Cam provides optimum protection for you in the event of an accident.

Save money on your insurance with a Dashcam policy today!

It couldn’t be simpler!

Call us for a quote

Firstly, call one of our insurance specialists for a quick and easy quotation.

Collect and install

Click & collect your Dashcam at your local Halfords, who will install the cam for you.

Drive away with a saving

You’re all set. Drive away with your non-intrusive MyCam policy and start saving money!

“Finally, a telematics alternative that’s perfect for young drivers!”

Call us! 0333 305 5116

Frequently asked questions

What is a Dash Cam?

A Dash Cam is a small camera which is hard wired onto your vehicle which records everything you see as the driver. It is your own witness when you have an accident.

How will a Dash Cam help me?

In the event of a claim it can help protect you if 3rd party try and blame you for being at fault. It will then allow you to keep your no claims bonus.

How is my Dash Cam installed?

Once you have purchased your policy, you will receive an email with your promo code which will contain instructions on how to click & collect your Dash Cam for free from your local Halfords store. It’s a very simple and easy to use process.

Do I get to keep my Dash Cam?

Yes! Once you have purchased your policy and had your dash cam installed it is yours to keep forever!

Will Halfords fit my Dash Cam?

Yes! A £25 hardwire kit is included in your policy and a Halfords engineer will fit it free of charge.

I haven’t received my Promo code, what should I do?

Please call us on 0333 305 5116 and an advisor will be able to supply you with a new code.

Your footage can be sent in many ways, primarily through the NextBase app through the MyFirstUK drop down list, a step by step guide will be given in your welcome pack.

How do I receive my promotional code?

You will receive an email through from us with your promotional cover after your policy is incepted.

What is an SD card?

The SD card is a memory card that stores your footage if you were to need it.

What’s included in my MyCam policy?

  • A Nextbase 312GW Dash Cam
  • Nextbase Hardwire Kit
  • Nextbase 8GB MicroSD Card
  • Nextbase Neoprene Carry Case
  • Full fitting to your vehicle