Car Insurance Quotes For Drivers Under 21

Under 21 and looking to insure your first vehicle? Have you recently received your first licence and are absolutely over the moon?
First off, congratulations on passing your driving test so young! It is a huge achievement and you have many happy decades of driving ahead of you.
At My First UK we understand that insuring a car when you’re a younger driver can be extortionate, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping drivers aged 17-21 to achieve cheaper car insurance.
We can not only connect you with the best insurers but offer the best tips on how to lower the cost of your premium. For example, it is considered far better to pay annually than monthly, and it can be worth getting a second qualification like Pass Plus to lower the cost of your premium.
We can help you start building up your no-claims straight away.
Although we’re closed over the Christmas period, we’re soon available again on 27th December to help you find that perfect car insurance quote. If you’re aged under 21, why not find out more about our car insurance quotes?
Happy driving in 2018!
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Best new driver car insurance?

New year, new driver?
There has never been a harder time for new drivers to hit the road: not only are there more motorists on the road than ever, but car insurance is hitting record highs.
You also need to be careful to avoid fraudsters online who are targeting young drivers desperate to cut the cost of their car insurance. These are known as ‘ghost brokers’ and they promote heavily discounted insurance policies on websites like Gumtree. Unfortunately, they can be highly convincing as they claim to be linked to well-known brands.
If you’re a new driver and looking for the best car insurance, My First UK can connect you with the most trustworthy and reliable insurers.
It’s our job to not only get you the most affordable policy, but the one which is tailored to your unique needs- after all, price is not everything when it comes to car insurance. You must make sure that you have the cover that you need.
My First UK are dedicated to help new drivers aged between 17-25 (along with individuals up to 30) get the best policy for their requirements.
If you’re a new driver searching for the best insurance, simply get in touch today for more information.
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