Searching For Car Insurance For Under 21s?

Did you know, complaints about car insurance have risen by 38%, according to Auto Express?

Car insurance for under 21s is particularly a cause for complaint, as new drivers tend to have to pay over the odds.

Whether you’re under 21 or not, car insurance mistakes can cost Brits hundreds of pounds a year. For instance, you might not realise that shopping around can save significant amounts of money. Despite this, only 40% of drivers switch their provider every year, according to The Express.

Secondly, while paying instalments might seem a good idea, some studies show this is actually more expensive. Additionally, while budget insurance might appear cheaper, driver often find they don’t have the cover they need. It’s no wonder so many people are frustrated with the process.

Trying to navigate the tricky world of insurance?

My First UK will work hard to tailor the policy to your exact requires. Specialising in car insurance for young drivers, we can help you make the most informed decision.

We can advise you on every way you can lower your insurance.

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