Has your son or daughter just passed their driving test at 17 years old? It’s likely you’ve taken them out for a meal to celebrate and they’ve already started looking for their first (second hand) car.

In addition, it’s likely you’ve started looking at car insurance policies and, the chances are, you don’t like what you find. So, just why are premiums so staggeringly high for 17-24 year olds?

A combination of youth and inexperience makes 17 year olds a higher risk than older drivers.

While plenty of young people are good drivers and drive safely as possible, statistically they are more likely to have an accident, with 17-19 year olds a third more likely to be severely injured in a car crash than drivers aged 40-49. According to the road safety charity Brake, one in four 18-24 years olds have a crash within two years of passing their practical test.

Inexperience means that younger drivers are less likely to spot hazards and that they’re more likely to take risks.

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