Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Just as with university fees and buying a home, there’s never been a tougher time for young people when it comes to car insurance. For many young people under 21, it’s the most expensive thing they’ll need to buy.

Unfortunately, it is an essential part of driving and can’t be avoided, as one young footballer recently found when he was caught lying about his age to get a lower quote. The West Ham youth player said he was two years younger and forged documents to get cheaper car insurance, which is never a good idea!

At My First UK we want to help you get the best car insurance quote, whether you’re a young driver or a parent helping to find the best cover.

Whether you’ve passed at the tender age of 17 or have bought your first car for university, My First UK will work hard to connect you with the best insurers and provides tips to reduce the cost of your policy.

When buying a policy, it’s important to remember that price isn’t the only issue. You must have the correct cover for your unique requirements. Our team can also explain the differences between the main types of insurance.

To get the cheapest quote for a young driver, simply get in touch today.

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