Affordable Car Insurance For 17-Year Olds

Have you recently passed you driving test at aged 17? If so, congratulations on this incredible achievement.

The number of teenager drivers has plummeted by 40% in the past two decades, which has been attributed to the overall cost of driving, including the rising cost of driving insurance.

Passing your driving test at 17 years old is a wonderful achievement, but unfortunately the cost of driving can be a shock when you pass. For many young people, they can struggle to pay the premium if they can only work Saturdays and are attending college, which means the parents often end up paying.

My First UK are young driver insurance specialists who can help you find the best policy whether you’re looking for cover during the holidays or all year round.

We can offer all the advice needed for 17-21 years old looking for car insurance, including ways to reduce the cost of your insurance. This includes tips on paying annually, increasing your excess, or gaining an extra qualification such as Pass Plus.

Another tip is to add an older and more experienced driver to the policy if possible. We can not only help you find the best policy but start building up your no claims straight away.

If you’re looking for car insurance for a 17-year old, simply call 0333 305 5116.