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We are young driver insurance specialists

As a young driver insurance broker, we work with a range of leading UK
insurance providers. This gives us access to a whole host of policies. We take time to understand your particular needs. Whether you’re a learner, a student who wants cover for a car parked at university, or a young driver looking to insure your first car – we will research the market for you. We will advise you on what policy best suits your needs. This ensures adequate cover at the best rates we can offer.

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Our team

James Noble | Manager
James Noble | Manager
James is the founder and manager of MyFirst. He founded the business in 2013, after realising that there was no specific insurance company in the UK who really focused on guidance and tailored customer service for young people. He had a vision to create a company who spoke young people’s language, but at the same time could offer precisely the right information that they required when selecting the correct financial products.
George Abbott | Director
George Abbott | Director
Whilst studying at university, George noticed how his peers struggled to navigate round the internet to find the correct insurance policy at the right price. Whilst going through the same experience himself, he wanted to create a platform where young people could go not only to find the correct product, but also find helpful advice. Working with James, he passionately enjoys helping young people source the right financial products.

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