Are you a new driver under the age of 25? Or are you looking for car insurance for a teenager who’s keen to hit the road this summer?

Car insurance is surely the least enjoyable part of being a new driver. However, if you’re currently looking, now is a good time: according to The Telegraph, drivers should buy car insurance in the summer because policies are most expensive in December.

Over the past four years, policies have typically been 13% more expensive around Christmas time, compared to the monthly average.

The report also stated that the average car insurance premium is set to hit £800 for the first time this month. Yikes!

Where can I find the cheapest new driver car insurance?

If you’re struggling to find a decent policy, My First UK can help you get the cheapest quote and make the most informed decision.

When looking for new driver car insurance, the cheapest is not necessarily the best; you also need an insurer who will cover all your needs. However, there’s so many things that can lower the price of insurance for young drivers- and we want to help you do it. For instance, it’s important to take gender into account, as policies for girls and boys hugely vary.

Discover how we can help young drivers find cheap insurance.